She Needs Your Help !

Many say abortion is “a woman’s choice” but the woman in an unexpected pregnancy rarely wants to make that choice alone. She is looking to you for support because she can’t confide in many people about this crisis situation.
Be careful that you don’t say something that you could regret. Assure her that you will stand beside her in whatever way she needs through this difficult time. Like a champion! Inform her immediately that she doesn’t need to have an abortion to please you.

Is She Pregnant…

Life throws plenty of curve balls at you. A champion is one who knows how to handle the curve balls and not one who turns away from them and wishes it would go away. Let’s face this together. Lots of couples experience a “surprise” pregnancy and immediately worry about how this will affect their future. Don’t be pressured to blindly take a swing at something that isn’t right for you or her, like if your friends and family tell you abortion is your only option.

Abortion seems like an easy and legal choice but it does have significant risks of which you may not be aware. Be a good partner with her and discuss the best options available. And remember, there are folks at the West Pasco Pregnancy Center who can help you both make informed decisions.

One very interesting thing about abortion that we have learned from people that made this choice is that most couples break up soon afterwards. Abortion doesn’t seem to be the glue that holds a relationship together. Feelings of betrayal and hurt, compounded with the grief over the loss that results from abortion, can separate two hearts forever. If you care about this woman, encourage her not to abort.