Consider Your Choices …

The best decision you can make is an INFORMED decision. The West Pasco Pregnancy Center can help! We understand the problems that an unplanned pregnancy creates, and we can help you find the right answers. We have HOPE for you!
At the WPPC we care about you. We are here to help you with your fears and questions. No lectures, no judgments. Just real compassion, real love, and real solutions.

Here Are Your Options

Parenting Your Child

You can have your baby and parent your child. Many individuals like you make one of the most important and rewarding decisions a person can make–the decision to become a parent. Not everyone may initially agree with your decision, but you and your baby will not regret it. Sure, some challenges may lay ahead, but the rewards and the unconditional love you receive from your child will make it all worthwhile. read more »

Make An Adoption Plan

You can make an adoption plan to place your baby in a loving home of your choice and give your child opportunities that perhaps you would not be able to provide. With an unplanned pregnancy, you may be wondering how to choose what’s best for your baby and for yourself. The wisest thing to do is what you are doing right now, and that is to carefully consider all your options. If you decide that you are not able to give your baby the life you want for him/her, adoption may be right for you. And, right now, there are families waiting and praying for a baby. You could be the answer to their prayers. read more »


You can have an abortion which means ending your pregnancy. Any decision you make does not have to be made quickly or under pressure from others. Get the facts before making a choice that you may regret later. Click on “Abortion” on the menu to learn more about the procedures involved. read more »